Propane filling station

100 lb.   $44.95

20 lb. (grill size)   $14.95

Prices good as of 04/09/2018 - Subject to change according to market.

Need a new tank? We've got it. Wondering about a regulator and fittings to connect everything? We have it all on hand, just stop by!


Safe, Clean, and Efficient

Propane and natural gas fireplaces offer the beauty and warmth of a traditional fireplace but with less work, less mess, and more time for you to enjoy sitting by the fire. No electricity is required, so you can stay toasty warm even in power outages.

Buck Stove

The Buck brand originated in Asheville North Carolina in 1975 and is still 100% American made. Buck offers propane and natural gas fireplaces, freestanding stoves, and of course the original Buck stove. Visit for more information.

Kozy World

Offering a wide variety of heating appliances including fireplaces and wall mounted heaters, Kozy World has a model to fit just about any budget. Visit for more information.

wall heaters

Blue Flame Style

Blue flame heaters warm the surrounding air. When the air is dispersed through the room, it begins to heat the objects or people inside. 

Wall mounted heaters offer safe, convenient heating at an affordable price. Great for every day or for use in power outages. We have units in-stock that are compatible with both propane and natural gas. Visit for more information.

Infrared Style

 Infrared heaters produce radiant heat similar to the sun's rays. This warms the objects or people in the room, much like when you feel the sun's heat coming through a window.

Portable/emergency heat

Buddy heaters are great for emergency use. They use disposable propane canisters, or they can be connected to a larger tank. Two sizes in-stock up to 18,000 BTU.

Comfort Zone 2-in-1 serves as a cook stove as well as a heater. This handy unit is good for 6,500 BTU and could really help during an outage!

Portable tank-top heaters come in several styles and sizes. There's sure to be one for your needs.

electric heaters

Whether you're just warming your toes or an entire room, we've got something to do the job.